How to Sponsor Someone to Visit the USA

You’re on vacation in The Bahamas, or in the Islands, and you meet a really nice couple from another country, and you think wouldn’t it be great to have them come visit us here in the United States? But you don’t know how how to begin, or where to begin to have someone come visit you from another country here in The United States.

Well first off, your foreign visitors are going to have to apply for visas in their own country, so they’re going to have to approach the appropriate governmental agency in their country to apply for a visa. Secondly, they’re going to have to be able to demonstrate proof that they are not intending on locating or visiting in The United States on a permanent basis, and you’re going to find out from their particular government’s office what type of evidence that entails. And then, you’re going to have to be able to prove that you have employment and finances that can pay for them while they’re in The United States. Also, that there is some type of contact information of where they can be contacted, where you can be contacted. And more than anything you’re going to have to exercise patience, because many times this takes months.

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