Few Things that You should Know for Immigration to Canada

Are you planning to apply for immigration to canada or have you already submitted your application? There are certain things that make this process more efficient. Let’s talk about some of them. Take advantage of CAIPS CAIPS is short for computer-assisted immigration processing system it is used by citizenship and immigration of Canada to process the visa applications it holds all the information on the current status of every immigration application being processed by overseas offices. If you have applied to immigrate to canada with a permanent resident visa, then CAIPS allows you to obtain a copy of immigration file and find out what is the status of your application. Use the wizard. Use the come to Canada Wizard to see if you meet the minimum requirements for immigration.

You need about 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire. They may ask questions about your nationality,age, language ability family members, education work experience, income and net worth you would get at least of specific applications there for each program. These steps include links to the proper forms and information. Paid immigration representatives only certain lawyers, paralegals notaries and immigration consultants can provide paid services in connection with a Canadian application.

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