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Today we’re talking about Express Entry – the online system for permanent residency applications. Hi guys, today we’re talking about five tips for making your express entry profile. Number one is making sure that your NOC code matches your job experience So when you’re writing your reference letter – when you have your employer write your reference letter, it really needs to match what’s on the NOC so the national occupation codes job duties that are actually listed under that NOC.

The immigration officer will review these duties against the duties that are listed in your letter and they need to match almost identically. My second tip for express entry is: be careful when you say that you have a job offer in Canada Job offers 99% of the time need to be backed by an LMIA, which is short for a labor market impact assessment. Most people, especially those who are on postgraduate work permits will say that they have a job offer in Canada when in fact their job offer is not valid in Canada.

If you have an LMIA based work permit, you can say yes that you have a job offer in Canada. If not, then the answer should be ‘no’. My third tip for Express entry is making sure that you have the correct documents. This is especially true for certain documents, such as police clearances. Some people will not provide the correct police clearances when applying for Express Entry.

Certain countries have different names for documents and so it’s important to check on the Immigration Canada website for the exact name of the document that Immigration Canada is looking for. My fourth tip for express entry is making sure that you understand the program that you’re applying to. So, Express Entry isn’t actually a program unto itself, it is just an online system that helps people apply for the three different immigration programs.. So, either the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Canadian Experience Class, or the Federal Skilled Trades Class The Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Federal Skilled Trades Class are points based systems

Whereas, the Canadian Experience Class is a pass or fail system. You have to make sure that you’re still meeting those points requirements while applying for Express Entry or passing the Canadian Experience Class requirements in order to apply for permanent residency under the Express Entry Program. My fifth and last tip is making sure that you provide accurate information about yourself in your Express Entry profile. Some people will not include information just because they think it’s not relevant Information like that can include unfinished education.

So, if you started off doing a college or university program and then switched programs, or dropped out – whatever happened and didn’t include that in your application, that can be seen as misrepresentation. So, make sure they include accurate honest information and any time that you have say worked or done education, it’s best to include that information and include a letter of explanation in your application so that you can actually explain to the officer what happened during that experience, rather than eliminating it completely from your profile.

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